Copper Shot

Copper Shot

We provide Copper Shot i.e. small, rounded particles of native copper, molded by the shape of vesicles in basaltic host rock, and resembling shot in size and shape.

It is used for removing oxidation skin, burr, eliminating surface defect, removing  stress, etching, unknit, strengthen, prevention of rust-formation before painting of metal die-casting, precision casting, hardware tool, machinery manufacturing, automobile spare parts, apparatus,pump valve industry.

Products Copper Cut Wire Shot
Chemical composition cu:58-99%,?]zn
Microhardness 110`300hv
Tensile intensity 200`500mpa
Durability 5000 times
Microstructure deformed α or α+β
Density 8. 9g/cm3
Bulk density 5. 1g/cm3

Packing types:

Braided bag packing, flexible container packing, stock packing, paper bag packing,barrel packing.   
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